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 Common web sites (newspapers) - Read online newspaper 

An online newspaper is a newspaper which is only available in the web. There are different types: they can provide informations on a particular subject (poetry, novels, photos) or be part of open source journalism or citizen journalism pilot projects.


The most important newspapers often have an electronic version of the printed one. The editorial boards update them with in depth studies taken from the printed version, using all the media tools that are available (videos, audio, photos, ect).


The main national newspapers are: 

  1. Corriere della sera
  2. La Repubblica
  3. Times 
  4. The Guardian
  5. ...


This exercise includes surfing on one of the links listed above.  


Type the following web address (URL)


You will see the Home Page of the online newspaper "The Guardian" . 









In the main menu at the top you will find all the topics on the site.



We suggest you to click on "Weather" on the right top. 














A new window will open:


News about weather forecasts. Click directly on the map and see the weather all over the world!


Daily weather forecast for the major cities in the world.




We selected "United Kingdom".





















This is what happens:


Daily weather forecast for the major cities in the United Kingdom.


If you would select a different city you could click on the menu and choose the new place.















If you click on the name of a city, for example "London", a new page will open.


Here you can find daily weather forecast and many other details like temperature, wind speed, sun rises, etc...









From here go back to Home and if you're a sports fan going to read some interesting article!








The sport page has the same structure as the other ones.


on the top appears a new submenu with the most important sports;


here you could find the latest sports news and a coloured box introduces watching highlights on video;


on the right you could read more about other sports (f.e. cycling)





















Now you could read more about sports searching news in this page and in the links. Move the scroll bar using your mouse. If you would go back to the home page click on logo "the guardian".




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