Use Skype for having a talk


 Use Skype for having a talk

With the programme Skype and by means of a headset or a microphone and loudspeakers you may phone with somebody via computer. Using Skype you may call people from your family or your friends.


Skype is a free programme. Also the call is free of charge if the interlocutor uses Skype, too. This works always and worldwide wherever fast Internet is available. If you additionally use a webcam even video calls are possible. For a lot of people it is nice to watch people far away if you call them.


Skype needs to be installed on your computer. You may use it if your computer is connected to the Internet.


In this lesson you will learn how to create a Skype account, how to download Skype, how to register and finally how to use the programme basically. Only applications which are free of charge will be presented.


(There are also some services which are not free of charge like phoning with somebody from Skype to a regular telephone. Also a group video discussion is charged.) By the way: to use an Internet connected computer as a telephone is called “voice over Internet protocol” or “voice over IP” (VoIP).





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