Download Skype


 Download Skype


If you want to use Skype not only a Skype account is necessary but also the download and installation of Skype software on your computer. The software is free of charge. The installation will need a few minutes.

To download means to transfer a file on the own computer from an Internet offer, in this case from the Skype website. It contains the data to install the Skype software on one’s own computer. After having downloaded it successfully the file needs to be carried out to finalize the installation process.

Here are the steps:


Open again the website Click on “Get Skype”. A sub menu will open. Please click on the operating system on which you would like to install Skype. In most cases it likely will be “Windows”.

After having clicked on “Windows” the next site offers a Skype free and a charged Skype premium version. Regularly the free version is sufficient. Click on “Download Skype”.

A new site will appear in the background: “Thanks for choosing Skype”. Tip: If you scroll down on this site there are some hints regarding download and installation.


In the foreground there will be one or more new grey windows one after another depending on the browser you use. If you will be asked that the download shall be carried out, please confirm by clickling on “run”. If you will be asked to save the file, please confirm. Sometimes you also will be asked where to save the file. You may choose a place which you like such as the “desktop” or a folder like “own files”.


The file “SkypeSetup.exe” will be downloaded then to the default or self-chosen folder like “own files” or “desktop”. If the installation process doesn’t start automatically after the download is finished please double-click on the name of the file in your folder or on your desktop. If the question to carry out the installation in a new grey window appears there please confirm again.

The installation starts with a display window asking for the language in which Skype shall be installed. Please select one if you want to change the default language by clicking on the arrowhead and then by selecting your prefered language. Please click on “I agree – next” to continue. By this click you confirm that you accept the terms of use and the privacy statement of Skype. If you want to read them click on the links on the left side of the “I agree”-button.

There will likely appear new windows asking you different aspects like installing as well “Skype Click to Call” or “Google Chrome”. It is recommended to delete the tick from the tick box and to continue then the installation. A window will appear “Installing Skype – Please wait while Skype is installed. This may take a few minutes”.

When the installation is finalized a new window opens, it is the general start window ”Welcome to Skype”. It is the sign-in window. There is also a new icon, the Skype logo, on your desktop which helps you to get to this “entrance” to Skype.
The next chapter describes how to sign in.






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