Telephone and video calls by Skype


 Telephone and video calls by Skype


After all the preparations it is time to use Skype for a call. And finally it is the easiest step. Choose one of the contacts from your Skype address book with a green status symbol. The green symbol means: this person is online and is ready to be called. Click on the name.

On the right will appear a site with two options as green buttons: “Video call” and “Call”. Call stands for the audio option, video call of course for the broadcasting with moving pictures. Select one of both as you wish. In case of a video call both participants may further on decide if they want to transmit a video or not.
If one of both call buttons (audio or video) is clicked the contacted person will hear a sound like a ringing telephone. Here you see the screen during the trial of connecting.
In case you receive a call it looks like this. You may decide if you answer, if you answer with video or if you decline.
If you use audio call it looks like this screen. A profile symbol or a profil picture will appear on a black background. Below there’s a panel for some settings. If it disappears just move the mouse a little bit. Most important is the “end call” button, a red telephone receiver symbol, to stop the call.
If you use video call it could look like this screen. The called interlucutor nearly completely covers the monitor but there is as well a control picture down in the right corner of one’s own. If you want to finish the chat move the mouse and the panel will appear with the “end call” button.

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Three final hints:
1. After having clicked on a name in the address book (or for example after a call) you can see at the bottom of the site a field for chat text messages . Type in a short text message and click on the blue “Send message” button.
The picture also shows above a list of contacts with the interlucutor. There also a text message reply will be shown if sent.

2. Also free group chats/discussions are possible if you use audio calls. They are useful if you would like to discuss for example a subject with different persons at the same time like planning a common journey. In this case click on “Create a group” at the bottom of your Skype address book column. Under the title “Empty group” a field opens above.

Now click on a name you want to include to the group, keep the mouse button pressed and drag the name to the field. When it is in the field drop it by releasing the mouse button. Repeat this until all the persons who shall be included to the group chat are in.

Finally click on the green button “Call a group”.

3. If your Skype session shall be stopped click on “Skype” in the blue frame in the left corner on the very top of the screen and choose “Sign out” in the sub menu. If you choose “Close” Skype still will be ready if someone calls. Only the display will be closed.
In the sub menu which appears after clicking on the word “Skype” also the “online status” may be changed.






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