Exercises with Skype


 Exercises with Skype


If you want to exercise Skype in a G&G group then their members are invited to create Skype accounts, to download and install the software and finally to test it among themselves. If this test takes place in one room, for example at a school, headsets instead of loudspeakers and microphones are recommended.


  • Try to add the different contacts to your personal Skype address book.
  • Send chat text messages to at least one person from your address book.
  • Call at least one member of the G&G group by an audio call.
  • Call at least one member of the G&G group by a video call.
  • Finally try to arrange a short group discussion, maybe about the question to which ice cream parlour the group will go after the test was successfully finished.
  • Exchange and discuss your experiences with Skype.





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