Create a Facebook account


 Create a Facebook account


Open the website and fill in the required data: first name, family name, email (twice! – to confirm it) and choose a password. Please remember it well. Your email address and your self-chosen password are your future access data for Facebook. You also need to name your gender and birthday. Below there are links to the Facebook terms (e.g. about privacy settings) and the Facebook data use policy. It is recommended to read them. They open in new windows which may be closed after having read the texts. If you agree finally click on the green button “sign up”.

In the registration procedure some more steps follow. At first a site appears which proposes to search your email address books for persons who might be at Facebook (“step 1”). You would have to give Facebook your access data to your email account. It is therefore recommended to skip this step. After having clicked on “skip this step” a small window appears asking you if you are sure to skip the step. Click on “Skip” again.
You also can later on decide to look for friends in Facebook by searching them in your email address book.
The next site (“step 2”)will ask you to name your secondary school or college/university to find friends of you there. You also may skip this step by clicking the inconspicious word “Skip”.
You also can add such information in your profile after having got used to Facebook.
Facebook will likely suggest persons as friends whom you might know, for example just because of your name: it could be a relative. If you want to add him/her to your future list of friends on Facebook you may select him/her by “add a friend”, then you confirm by clicking on “Save and continue”. Otherwise just click on “Skip” again.
The next site (“step 3”) is about adding a picture for your profile. You also may click on “Skip” again or you add a picture by uploading one which is saved on your PC (or you use a connected webcam to take one). If you decide to take a picture from your PC click on “Upload a photo”.
You don’t have to decide for a portrait picture of yourself. You may also decide for another one which symbolises you. Or you also may use a processed image.
If you decided to upload a photo a new window is displayed with a search possibility for the drives of your computer. Select the photo. It then will be uploaded automatically. Finally you will get a preview. If you like it click on “Save and continue”. Otherwise click on “Remove your picture” and look for another one or skip.

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The registration process is nearly ready now. You will reach now the welcome site of your account.
You will find a navigation bar on the left. In the centre again there are proposals to find a friend.
To finalize the registration please open your email account. In the mailbox you will find two emails from Facebook. One is a welcoming one with useful hints. In the other message “Just one more step to get started on Facebook” there is a link and a confirmation code. Click on the link. Perhaps you will be asked for the confirmation code which is mentioned in the email. Finally your personal Facebook homepage opens.

On the left in the navigation bar there are the options “Favourites” (for messages, news, events, finding friends), “Friends” (where you can group your friends, per default you will find the folder “close friends”) and “Apps”.

Above the navigation bar there is your picture. If you click on it you will arrive at the time line offer of Facebook. If you click on the word Facebook on the top you always come back to your profile’s homepage.

On the top right there is close to your name again the option “Find friends”, because this is the basic idea of Facebook to connect to lots of people. You also will find “Home” to get back to your profile homepage and an arrowhead. If you click on it a submenu opens. There you will find among other things options for the personal settings and “Help”.

To close your account click on “Log out” in this submenu. If you want to come back later open the website and enter your email address and your password on the very top of the site and click on “Log in”.
If you don’t close your account by “log out” and only close your browser next time you want to use Facebook it often automatically opens your profile without asking for the access data.






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