Communicate with your friends


 Communicate with your friends


If you want to send a message click on “Messages” in the navigation bar on the left.

A new site will appear. In this case there are no messages to be displayed. Click on “+ New message” on the top.
A new window will appear. Start to type in a name of one of your friends in the field “To”. You will see: a proposal out of the list of your friends will be displayed automatically. Choose the person you want to write to.
You may send a message also to several persons at the same time. After having included the first name in the field “To” insert a second, a third,...
Then write your message in the field “Message”. If you are ready finally click on “Send”. The sent message then will appear in the overview which can be reached by click on “Messages” in the navigation bar.
If you receive a message there will be a red mark on the top on the left. Click on the red number symbol to open to the message. It is also filed in the message folder.






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