How to save web pages and documents


 How to save web pages and documents  -  How to save pages and documents on a hard disk  

If you want to keep and have the contents of a web page available on your computer even if you are not connected to internet, in addition to printing the page on paper, it can also be registered ("save") on your computer’s hard drive/disk. 


A web page usually consists of text combined with other "objects" such as images, films, videos, sounds, animation and more. Each one of these elements is a file. This means that in order to save the page along with all the elements you have to write many files on a disc, not just one. The ’save’ command registers/records a file with the text on the disc and in an associated folder, all the other objects that it is made up of.


Lets see how to do this! 


After having viewed the page you are interested in saving like, for example, the one you see on the right, you have to search for the menu title/heading in the browser called "file" or the "page" button". 


Then choose "save as".






 Next it is necessary to "tell" the system which folder in your computer to save the page in, just like any other page.   

 Among the options it is recommended to indicate "Web Page, complete" (*.htm,*.html), in order to be sure that the page saved can be viewed correctly. 



































What should appear on the desk top is similar to the image below . In particular, the file may be obtained in the  .htm format, which contains the text, and a folder, with the same name of the file, which contains all the elements that make up the web page.



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