Common web sites (institutions)


 Common web sites (institutions) - The European Union web site   

The aim is to surf the European Union’s website. In order to read the exercise while you are surfing the website, click on the mouse’s right button over the following link and select "open a new window/tab":


by doing this you will have two windows open at the same time: the first is this webpage while the second is the European Union’s website. In the following images yu can see the pages we would like you to visit. 



Before it shows the Home Page, there is an extra webpage with a list of languages you can select from.






















Click on your national language :






















Welcome in the European Union website! 
It is split into three parts: 
(1) the Main Menu is in the middle; 
(2) on the right you can find general informations (the latest news, hot topics and the top links from visitors);
(3) at the bottom of the page there are direct links to other institutions, organizations and useful pages.







Now, we are going to consult the website’s contents.  












Click on section "Your life in the EU"


And now click on the link "More about life in the EU".  
























It opens a new page where you can find many useful information about your right to live, work and study abroad, access to health services and to be protected as a consumer.






Clicking on one of the topics in the submenu you can learn more about a particular area of ​​life in the European Union.
















Let's try to enter the section (1) "Travel and tourism".

Click on the link that appears first (2) "Travelling Europe".
















At this point we enter into a specific website where you can find practical advices and helpful tips on a wealth of subjects, from documents you need to getting healthcare until using your mobile phone.

















At this stage, go back to the Home Page.


Click on "EUROPA" at the top on your left.
















Starting from the Home Page, visit now the section that provides specific information about the EU in your country of origin.


Click on "Take part!" and then on "More about taking part".


At the bottom of the new page you will find the section entitled "See also"


Well. Now, do you know who your MEPs are?
Eu agencies? Let’s check.


Click on "Members of the European Parliament".



Now click on your country (Italy).


Choose a constituency. 

















I just clicked on

"Italy: Nord-Orientale". 











A new page will then appear with all the alphabetical list of Members present in the selected region.


Clicking on the name of the member gives access to a personal file which shows the main information of the person indicated.











Click on the horizontal toolbar, at the top, on "News". 


You find a list of articles. Read the first one. 



















To go back to the List of articles, click on "Headlines". 















To go back to the Home Page from the List of articles, you have to click on the Back button at the top on your left several times.    



The exercise is over. 




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