Common web sites (commercial)


 Common web sites (commercial) - Visit the world's largest library is an American e-commerce company. It sells books (and not only) through the internet. It was one of the first main companies to sell goods through the internet. 


The company began operating as an online bookshop. It has steadly branched into retail sales of music cds, videotapes, software, consumer electronics, toys and games, kitchen items, tools and more. 

You can search, choose and buy goods from the catalogue on the web site


The Home page is structured like this:


on the left side you find the main menu where are all the departments present on the site;


in the middle special offers are highlighted;


on the right side advertising;


what other customers are looking at right now.








Let us now explore the category "Books".





















The menu on the left shows an overview of different categories: Art (Art), Children's Books (children's books), Cookbooks (cookbooks)....


In the middle you will find special offers.


On the right you will find a list of the best-sellers of the moment which is adjusted daily.


For example if you want to buy a book for your grandchild, then click on "Children's Books".

















The menu on the left has changed. Now you can choose books by category:


  • age range
  • featured
  • popular categories
  • popular series
  • formats



Click for example on the Popular Category "Action & Adventure".















The menu on your left has changed again and the new page shows all the books in that category.


See if you find something interesting!


Click for example on the title or the cover image of the first book "Heroes of Olympus, The, Book Two: The Son of Neptune".


















Here we find a short book description and other details of the book.


We like it and decide to buy it. What to do at this point? We shift attention to the menu on the right.


The next step is to click on "Add to Cart".


You may put as many items you want in your shopping cart. Before the purchase ends, you will need to confirm many times.

You may delete or make changes to your selection. Whatever happens, until you enter your credit card details confirming your purchase, you cannot be billed!



This is what happens.


We will have a record of the items added to Cart and the Order Subtotal.











At this point Amazon asks you to sign-in (you have to enter your personal details and select payment you prefer). Remember that if you want to proceed, it is only up to you!


If you want to buy other items (except books) you have to follow the same instructions.





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