Seek and you shall find


 Seek and you shall find - I’m feeling lucky! 


Search engines allow you to find web sites that have information and sources regarding the topic you are searching. Often the search results are numerous and therefore the faster the the sercah the better the quality of the service. One of the most common search engines in the world, Google, has a particular search method that’s called "I’m feeling lucky". 


This option allows automatic viewing of the first page of the web site found by Google. The other results are not shown. Using the button "I’m feeling lucky" reduces search time and allows more time to view the desired page.  If you are lucky and the term you are looking for corresponds to the page, then you were lucky first time around and therefore there is no need to view and go through long lists. 


For example, to find the main page of the Apple company, type in "apple"in the serach field and click on "i’m feeling lucky". Google will automatically show the web site which is Apple’s main page,  and usually what one wanted if that word was typed.  



 Good, fill in the text field with the elemts you are interested in.   



 Click on "I’m feeling lucky". 













The search engine will take you directly to the web site which is closest to your search.  

If you wrote "apple" then it will take directly to Apple’s official web site.




















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