Create an e-mail account: sign up for Gmail


 Create an e-mail account: sign up for Gmail 


To use e-mail it is necessary to have an e-mail addrees. 

Now we will learn how to create one, by using the Gmail service which will allow you to activate your e-mail account free of charge in a few minutes and to use it immediately. 


Connect to the web address


and click on the button “Sign up for Gmail(1).


Thsi procedure is done only one time! After- to use e-mail - you will only need to type your User name (without and the password in the box at the top right of the page (2).











At the top right you can choose your language, so it will be easier to use Gmail. (1).


Now let’s go to registration, which requires the entry of some data: it will only take few minutes. 


Type your name and surname, then choose your e-mail address name, which will be added before “”.

You are free to choose any address you like, but there can’t be spaces between the words. For example: “” is ok, while “geengee” is not a valid address.

You can make sure that noone else has already registered the same address you typed by clicking on the button "Check availability". If the address is available you can insert your password, otherwise you will have to choose another address which is not used by another person. (2).


The password - you can choose it - has to have at least 6 characters in length; write it two times so that it will be valid.   


What happens if you forget your password? Don’t worry, to help you, Gmail immediately asks you to provide a security question which will be asked in case it has to recover a forgotten password (1).


You are almost finished. You still have to two simple steps ahead: 


Choose your country in the menu "Location" and write the red letters in the check box (2),


Click on the button to accept the terms of use so that Gmail can create your e-mail address (called "account") (3).










In a few seconds your address is active and the e-mail will be available.


A new page, Instruction to Gmail, describing the main features of Gmail, is displayed.


With a simple click on the link "I am ready - Show me my account" (1) you can immediately start to write and read e-mails.





















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