Write and read e-mail messages


 Write and read e-mail messages 



To read and write messages you need to connect to Gmail:




and type your user name and your password at the top right. 


The user name comes before the symbol "@".


For example:

if my address is geengeeitaly@gmail.com,

then my user name is geengeeitaly



When you enter Gmail you see the list of messages you received immediately.   


The list follows a reverse chronological order: the most recent message is on the top of the list and so on, by scrolling down the list, you find the oldest messages. 



If a message has not been read it is in bold.  





To read a message you only need to click on the subject




To write a message click on the link "Compose mail" which is at the top left. (1)
The first thing you need to do is type the e-mail address of the recipient in the field "To":  then you have to type the subject of your message.  
The subject is important: it is the title of the message and the topic of your e-mail will immediately become clear to the recipient. 

Should you choose to send the message to other people at the same time click on the link "Add Cc" and type the e-mail addresses of the people you would like to send the message, separating each one with a colon.   (2)



Then write your e-mail. You can use different fonts (bold, italics, colours etc.) when you write the text

by using the different buttons in the horizontal tools bar.



To attach a file click on "Attach a file(1). Search for the file in your computer and

then click on "Open"(2). Gmail will remember the position of the file and send it along with the message. 


Should you want to attach different files repeat this procedure. 



Ok, then. If everything’s there then click on "Send"(1) and the message will be sent immediately. 


A copy will be stored in the archive "Sent mail"(2) and can bee seen by clicking on the button on the left.



If someone sends you a message with an attachment (for example, a photo or picture) you can view it when you read the message.  


By clicking on "Download"(1), next to the small version of the attachment/image, the file will be saved on your hard disk so that you can see it even when you are not connected to the Internet.



How do you send a reply to the person who has written to you?


You will only need to click on the "Reply" (1) button – on the top right – and then compose your message, as previously described.




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