Managing the contacts book


 Managing the contacts book 

It will be impossible to remember all your e-mail addresses and that’s why an address book is needed!


Let’s see how the "Contacts" tool  in Gmail works.


By clicking on the “Contacts” link on the left of the page you can manage your address book.     













A list of the most frequently used addresses will be displayed immediately: these are the addressess you have sent messages to more often. Gmail has automatically memorised the addresses of the people you have written to. 



By clicking on “Show all” the whole address book will be displayed. (1)



We can add addresses by clicking on the link “Create contact”. (2)


You just need to add the name, surname and e-mail address. (1)



You can also add some notes or even a picture of the person (if it has been saved) if you want to.



By clicking on the link “Add more contact info(2) you can add further information such as phone number, fax number, home address etc.....


















If you want to modify information of an existing contact you just need to click on his/her name (1) and then on Edit contact information”. (2)





















You can do many things with the Contact menu.


If you click on the name of a contact who has already written to you, all messages he/she has sent will be displayed.   (1)
Easy, isn’t it??


















Now, the last advantage of the Contact menu... 


When you start writing the recipient’s e-mail address in the field “To:(1) if he/she is a registered contact you will not need to write the full address. 




After a few letters Gmail will suggest auto complete and with a simple click , the address is completed. (2)







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