Create labels and filters to manage conversations


 Create labels and filters to manage conversations 


It is important to tidy your e-mail mailbox in the same way you tidy up your desk or organize the files saved in your computer.

If you start using e-mail you will soon have the mailbox full of messages. At this point it would be difficult to locate a specific message, especially if you received it a long time ago and it is now at the bottom of the list.



At this point it would better to use a tool which allows you to divide the incoming or outgoing messages in groups, so that they are easier and quicker to locate. Gmail calls this list "Conversation" because they are in fact, messages related to similar topics. Let’s see how "Labels" work. 


The labelling system allows you to create labels for some messagges, so that you can distinguish between them: the messages sent by a certain person, or messages dealing with specific content or the e-mails gathered in other useful classifications you created.



For example: if you create the label "Grandsons" and you associate it to all messages sent to you by your grandsons, you won’t need to scroll down the whole list in the future to find these e-mails. You will only need to consult the section "Grandsons" to retrieve the messages you are interested in quickly.    


By clicking on the link "Setting"(1), at the top right of the page, you will see the Gmail section (2) which allows you to customize the mailbox according to your needs.  
























Click on the button "Labels" (1). To create a new label you only need to choose a name and click on the button "Create" (2)










Now, click on the link "Inbox" (1) at the top left, select all messages you would like to associate to this label (2) and apply it by using the drop-down menu displayed on top (3).













As soon as it is created, you can see your label in the menu on the left, inside the green box (1). With a simple click you will be able to see - gathered in one single folder - all the messages you labelled in a certain way (2).  


In the future, this will make using Gmail easier and faster. 














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