How to sort messages


 How to sort messages 

When your "Inbox" starts containing a lot of messages you will be aware of two things: the labelled messages remain stored in the inbox and that sometimes you receive commercial e-mails you didn’t ask for. 


The latter are called spam: they are e-mails you didn’t request and that are sent to you against your will.  


Gmail is able to recognise spam by analysing their content and it automatically removes them from your inbox by moving them to the appropriate folder named "Spam”.

After 30 days a message moved to the "Spam" folder is automatically deleted by Gmail.  















However, sometimes these messages can pass and you will have to delete them manually. This operation will allow Gmail to recognise them and remove them automatically in the future.
If you spot one or more of these messages in the "Inbox" folder you will only need to select them (1) and click on the button "Report Spam(2) so that they will be moved from the inbox and placed in the "Spam" folder.  


If you just want to delete a message you will only need to select it (1) and click on the button "Delete" (2).  The message will be moved to Trash and after 30 days will be automatically removed forever. 






To highlight a particular message you can use the "Starred" option. Just click on the white star (1) displayed at the top left of an e-mail and this will be immediatelly highlighted by a yellow star. You will  automatically  find it in the "Starred" (2) folder as well.  
You can take off the "starred" qualification to a message whenever you want, by clicking on the yellow star. The message will become a normal message again.


Lastly, it is possible to tidy up the "Inbox" by selecting the messages that you would like to store (1) by clicking on the button "Archive(2).
In this way the selected messages will be moved to the folder "All Mail" (3) and the "Inbox" will be less crowded and easier to look up.  












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