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G&G Up in Romania

The implementation of laboratories within the Romanian context is based on local partnerships with different schools/ high schools covering Bucharest, Calarasi and Teleorman counties. Some of these schools are. The labs are due to take place by the end of the school year (21st of June) and will be followed by a dissemination event. More than 100 grandchildren and 50 grandparents are involved in the process and the related feedbacks are encouraging (some schools and teachers have been interested to continue the initiative in their schools or by collaborating with new ones after the end of the project).

The ages of the students involved varies, from primary education all the way to high school. The teachers involved have promoted the initiative to their colleagues so that allowed it to grow more and more as to happen in more than 10 institutions!

The photos attached speak for themselves about the enthusiasm of the involved persons!














Location: Bucharest, Calarasi and Teleorman counties-Romania
Begin: 03/06/2013
End: 03/06/2013