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G&G (Grandparents and Grandchildren) is a peculiar learning setting aimed to:

- improve by little steps the digital literacy of elderly people to foster their full citizenship in the digital society;

- use the communication technologies as a mean to stimulate and ecourage intergenerational learning and mutual understanding between generations;

all of this in respect of linguistic and cultural diversity.


The G&G  initiative provides the following free teaching resources for all schools or training institutions that wish to organize G&G seminars with their students:


  for the Grandparents
  for the Grandchildren

On line exercises

  Browsing Web pages - Unit A
  Searching and Finding informations in the Web - Unit B
  Using the e-mail - Unit C
  Social Networking: Skype - Unit D
  Social Networking: Facebook - Unit D
  Practice Writing programs: Open Office writer - Unit E

Feedback forms

  for the Grandparents
  for the Grandchildren
  for the G&G Staff

Tools for Tutors

  Tutors Training Set 

  Handbook for Tutors

Promotional material

  The G&G Idea

  Activities resumee


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