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Grad Buje (Città di Buje)

Istarska 2
52460 Buje-Buie


Contact person: Sabrina QUARANTOTTO

Function: Project manager adviser

Telephone: (+38) 552772122
Telephone: (+38) 5914694907
Fax: (+38) 552772158
Email: info@buje.hr
Website: www.buje.hr


The City of Buje has almost 6000 inhabitants. It covers a rural area where elderly people are living in rural villages, detached from one another, mainly involved in famila agricultur-busines such as wine and olive oil production, these all meaning that the municipality has to deal with social problems related to population having little information about opportunities for mobility and little chances for gaining competences in other fields.

The City of Buie has in the area the local People Open University (Pucko Otvoreno Uciliste) and it is constantly trying to develope activities for its older population through this University