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Savon ammatti- ja aikuisopisto - Savo Vocational College

Vuorelankatu 5-7
Kuopio - 70300
Itä Suomi
Contact person: Karttunen Anni
Function: International project co-ordinator 
Telephone: +358 44 785 86 90
Fax: +358 17 214 87 02
E-mail: anni.karttunen@sakky.fi
Main areas: School-Based Education, Competence-Based Education, Adult Education and Re-training, Initial Vocational Qualifications, Further Vocational Qualifications, Specialist Vocational Qualifications Sports Academy, Vocational Education for Athletes, Life-long Learning, Entrepreneurial Skills Sustainable Development, Communication Skills, Multi-Cultural Skills.
Fields of Study: Business and Administration, Technology and Transport, Culture, Natural Resources and Environment, Health and Social Services, Tourism, Catering and Home Economics.
Savo Consortium for Education is a joint municipal board which provides vocational education and training at Savo Vocational College.