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The G&G project foresees on one hand to update the available handbooks and training materials developed in the past experience by AIM and ENAIP, they will constitute the common basic set of training units available in english language and in each language of the partner’s countries, on the other hand the project is aimed to develop new training units specifically linked with local needs/possibilities offered by local on-line services. The local units will be available only in the mother tongue of the country for which they will be developed.



All the materials will be available for free download in this website by any further interested partner intended to apply the G&G methode and associate to the G&G initiative: only a free adhesion to the G&G extended partnership will be requested, and the  materials should be used quoting the G&G Elearning project, the authors and the eLearning programme funding the initiative (see also "Join G&G").



The training activities foreseen by the G&G initiative are very basic, aimed to give the start-up skills to access the internet and send/read e-mail messages, motivating the participants to practice and use the services available on-line in their territory. The seminars are thus very short: we don’t want to worry and bother our "grandparents" with long classroom lessons and explanations, we prefere much more to see them practicing (assisted or alone) in the gym or at home, after the initial "kick-off" received by the "grandsons". 


Common training units

Those training units that constitute the minimum common denominator of the "grandparents" training. They can be applied in every european country, altough adapted in lenght and extended in content on the base of the specific local needs:



This training units must be preceded by a short introduction made by the grandsons to the grandparents, aimed to allow the grandparents to turn-on and access the personal computer interface used to exercise  (we assume Microsoft Windows and Explorer as a reference for the documentation, for obvious reasons).


Local training units

Those training units related to on-line services available locally, in the specific area where the seminars are held. They can be related to public services of e-governement offered by local, regional or national administrations or can be sponsored by companies whose services are available on-line for the citizens.