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[G&G Enhancement]
Grundtvig Partnerships
nr. 2008-1-IT2-GRU06-01559 1

Partnership objectives

The general objective of the partnership is to contrast digital divide and to develop inter generational dialogue through a friendly and simple approach in teaching internet browsing to elderly people. The specific objectives are the following:

  • disseminate a good practice related to digital literacy for elderly people, named “G&G Grandparents and Grandsons”;
  • localise it in new EU countries thanks to the translation of the teaching materials available into new languages, for their use in new local G&G initiatives;
  • support the development of specifications for new resources and training units to be integrated into the G&G catalogue.


The partnership will adopt the following approach to reach its objectives:

  • during the kick-off meeting organised in Italy by the coordinator the illustration of G&G methodology will take place. The meeting will offer the opportunity to present to the partners the approach, the materials and the achievements of the G&G initiative as well as the possibility to discuss face to face further steps of co-operation; 
  • then the partners will translate the available materials in their own language, if necessary develop new units and then organize similar mobility activities in their countries, involving the local stakeholders in “consensus” seminars held locally to illustrate the approach and the materials translated in local language. The partnership coordinator will participate to this meetings to testimony the results gained in previous experiences as a further tool to promote the initiative in the partner countries. The other partners of the network will attend as well these meetings to gain and exchange experience about the ways adopted to involve and the reactions and impressions of local stakeholder to the initiative. 
  • eventually, the experience made during the mobility activities will be summarised during the last meeting held in Italy, where the partners will discuss and define specifications for the enhancement and evolution of the G&G initiative, thus making the most out of the experiences made in the field.



Partnership composition and duties



  • [GERMANY] ILEU / Universität Ulm e.V.

  • [SWEDEN] EB-One

 The tasks between participating institutions will be distributed as follows:


  • ensure the general management of the project and the appropriate implementation of the mobility activities; 
  • make available and animate the virtual community and ensure an appropriate communication flow during the whole life span of the project; 
  • organize the kick-off mobility activity by its premises during which the G&G experience will be presented and the training materials in English language distributed and illustrated to partners; 
  • organize the closing meeting during which the partners will define and approve the specifications for new products and or adaptation of the existing materials; 
  • participate to the mobility activities organized by the partnership; 
  • maintain the G&G website.



Each PARTNER will be actively involved in the partnership activities, since each organization will: 

  • assist the coordinator in the general management of the project and provide all information requested for the evaluation and monitoring of the project; 
  • take part in the mobility activities organized by the coordinator and the partners; 
  • translate the G&G website and NLMS menu items in local language; 
  • translate all the web pages and training units of the G&G website; 
  • translate, and adapt to the local context if necessary, the G&G grandparents and grandsons manuals; 
  • organize the mobility activities foreseen in their country (consensus seminar); 
  • appoint at least one member for the virtual community of practice; 
  • participate in the process of design and development of new specifications for the future G&G teaching materials.




This partnership is a continuation of a former project, ended in June 2008