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The project’s dream is to foster a process of local stakeholders involvement in low cost training activities aimed to develop the adult’s digital literacy levels thus allowing over 55 people to gain full citizenship in the digital society.

The basic idea of the G&G initiatives is to let the youngsters traing the elders in the basics of internet, e-mail.


The initiative has a strong local characterization, and implies the involvement and committment of local stakeholders and sponsors, local schools and students, local elderly citizens.



The objectives of the training are very simple: basic internet browsing, basic email communication, basic access to on-line services provided by local institutions/companies.


The training seminars carried out by the "grandsons" are very short and made on a one-to-one (one grandson tutors one grandparent); further activities of self training carried out by the "grandparents" in the laboratories are foreseen to allow the elderly to learn by doing with their own pace.


The training flow follows a simple scheme:

A tutor trains the grandsons

In each school, partner of the G&G initiative, groups of volunteer students adhere to the project, thus being trained to take the part of “grandsons”.

They are trained by a tutor, which will assist them also in their training activities with the “grandparents”, about the aged adults training methodes and about the ICT contents to be taught.

Each grandson trains a grandparent

In each school, partner of the G&G initiative, an ICT laboratory connected with internet is available. In the laboratory each "grandson" teaches to one "grandparent" :

  • how to access and browse the internet
  • how to use e-mail to communicate on-line 
  • how to access local on-line services available on internet

The grandparent practice alone in a laboratory

In each school partner of the G&G initiative, a laboratory is made available, for free (when unused for current activity), for further practicing by the grandparents.

The "grandparents" have access to the on-line training resources made available on the G&G multilingual website.

G&G local initiative set-up

The G&G initiative set up and organization is very simple and strightforward: