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Ljudska Univerza Jesenice

Function: Director
Telephone : +386 4 5833800
Fax: +386 4 5833810
E-mail: univerza.jesenice@siol.netmaja.radinovic@siol.net
Website: www.lu-jesenice.net
Legal status: Non-profit orientated organisation operating in the SW part of Slovenia and it’s funded by the local government. 
Main areas: In addition to the main field of adult vocational training, Ljudska univerza Jesenice has high competence in active labour market policy measures such as workforce providers, vocational placement organizations, socio-economic organizations, employment policy self-help projects, as well as in services in the consulting (EDP, training and education, quality management, company consulting in terms of personnel development).
Activity: The main activities of our University lie primarily in the planning and implementation of courses and learning events within the field of predominantly employee-oriented vocational training and development, adult education and rehabilitation. Ljudska univerza Jesenice is the leading training institutions in Jesenice.
Size: At the moment our University has a permanent staff of 7 regular employees and about 100 freelance trainers 
Experience: Overall, because of its special training institute orientation the main group of our clients are unemployed persons, persons, who are out of low qualification endangered to get unemployed, and persons from other social discriminated groups, specially people of socio-cultural minorities. So, many of our trainers are permanently confronted situations and bad career prospects. We are all aware of the fact, that this mixture creates the "No-Future-Syndrome", accompanied by massive negative psychological (passivity, low self-confidence, low motivation, depressions, future-anxiety etc.) and social (discrimination, aggressiveness, drug-problems etc.) implications.

For years, we try to solve this problem offering not only help to gain knowledge an education but also pedagogical, psychological and practical support to overcome such kind of stress-situations. Ljudska univerza have well developed and organized Open Learning Centre as a part of its institution. 
The development of self-directed learning in Slovenia dates back to 1993. Open Learning Centers all over country are establishing a culture of self-directed learning and providing suitable learning conditions for those individuals who wish to learn autonomously. The centers are available to the whole population.
Centers in educational institutions are open to all people engaged in learning within this institution and with their activities carry out three key messages from Memorandum of life long learning: new basic skill for all, innovation in teaching and learning and bringing learning closer to home.
We have a lot of experiences in organizing self- directed learning, trained staff (for counseling and mentoring self-directed learning), good technical conditions (special classroom, for self-directed study with computers, internet access and selection of existing self-directed learning packages) and corresponding (each school year increasing) number of organized self-directed learning hour.