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Vocational Training S.A.

N. KIFISIA - 14564
Contact person: Eleni LAMBRITZI
Function: Coordinator
Telephone: 0030210 6245300 (ext:144)
Fax: 0030210 6253623
The VOCATIONAL TRAINING S.A.” is a subsidiary company of the Greek Organization of Manpower (OAED) and belongs to the public sector. It was funded under the 2956/2001 law in order to undertake the responsibility of the vocational training which was carried out by the Greek Organization of Manpower until recently and aimed at the implementation of Vocational Training Programs, Continuous Vocational Training, as well as life-long learning.
The management is performed by a nine-member Board of Directors, in which the trade unions of both employers and employees are equally represented.

Combines the educational procedure with the employment, in terms of the implementing Vocational Training programs, in cooperation with the Greek Organization of Manpower. Adjusts and upgrades the qualifications, as well as the skills of the manpower into the contemporary demands of the labor market, as well as the technological evolutions by implementing programs of continuous vocational training and by connecting them with actions of employment reinforcement.

Supports the manpower, through life- long learning, aiming at their continuous improvement and the adaptation of their qualifications, skills and competences to any change of the national vocational system. Implements special vocational training programs for people with special needs. Participates in European and International Networks aimed at the exchange of know-how. Vocational Training S.A has assumed the management and technical support of the “Leonardo da Vinci”programme as National Agency in Greece.