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Scienter España S.L.

Fray Leopoldo, nº 4 – 3º dcha.
GRANADA - 18014
Contact: Miguel Angel Muñoz
Function: Projects Coordinator
Telephone: + (34)958806590
Fax: +(34)958806591
E-mail: scienter@scienter.es
SCIENTER España is a research centre and service provider organisation, active in the field of education and training that was created as a Limited Company at the beginning of 1999. SCIENTER ESPAÑA builds on the SCIENTER operational office active in Granada since 1996 and it counts on the experience provided by its main partners: SCIENTER in Bologna (Italy) and the University of Granada. 
In general terms, SCIENTER España is interested in innovation of training systems, with main reference to the field of Open and Distance Learning, Organisational Learning, Lifelong Learning, use of Information and Communication Technologies in different fields such as Higher Education, Vocational Training, Professional Guidance, Local Development and Social Inclusion.  
It carries out research projects at a regional, national, and European Level. SCIENTER builds on a significant pan-European network of relationships with industry, policy makers, educational authorities, universities and training organisations. It is also active in distance learning and multimedia educational projects in Latin America. By that means, it understands management of technical groups, so in procedure aspects as in training systems, thematic and by sectors. All of it has opened the road towards the execution of new activities as the organisation of conferences and seminars, initiatives that go beyond the specific partnership and which add value and social impact to the partnership they work with.  
SCIENTER España is constituted by 8 permanent workers (5 senior researchers and 3 administrative support staff). The staff is made up of social scientists from a cross section of disciplines including economics, law, psychology, pedagogy and policy science. Its working languages include the five meain western European languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).