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Societa' cooperativa MOISELLE LE BLANC a r.l.

Via Giacomo Costamagna 42
00181, Roma



Contact person: Massimo Lazzaretti

Function: Technical Manager

Telephone: +39 06 7853143
Email: solomassimo@libero.it



Moiselle Le Blanc promotes and realises activities, initiatives and projects focused on the development and transfer of didactic methodologies and cultural contents based on the use of performing arts (theatre, dance, music, drama writing, etc.) within education and training settings aimed at re-integrating young and adults at risk of social inclusion. In this frame, particular attention has been paid also to the production of events, training workshops, counseling and guidance tools addressed to social workers and educators working with disabled people, children, early school leavers, prisoners, elderly people and women with special needs.

The cooperation networks to which Moiselle Le Blanc refers to imply Public bodies, Schools, NGOs, Local Institutions, private companies and organisations/associations representing the world of Art and Culture.