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Nationwide Vocational Training Center “APOPSI”

33, Markou Botsari str.
Drapetsona, Piraeus - 18648
Attica - Greece


Contact person: Englezou Ioulia
Function: training coordinator
E-mail: englezou@apopsi.gr

Website: www.apopsi.gr

APOPSI. KEK has been certified with respect to the following Subject Areas:


  • Information Technology Professions (S.A.6)
  • Tourism and Service Provision Professions (S.A.7)
  • Agricultural Professions (S.A.8)
  • Technical and Transport Professions (S.A.9) 


APOPSI.KEK has a vast experience in organizing and implementing transnational state programs. This previous experience
can guarantee the achievement of the objects of the program. Also has elaborated a dynamic organizational structure,
which will help to judge if the various actions are running successfully. 

APOPSI.KEK is a member of the group of companies with the title “APOPSI”, with its wealth of experience in the organization and management not only of training programs but also of Research-Development programs and the development of new technologies. In order to effectively respond to the demand for comprehensive implementation of programs, it gives special importance to their evaluation. Evaluation of the programs includes their valuation both internally and externally.

It must maintain that the human resources at APOPSI.KEK are characterized by a wealth of professional experience, both domestically and at international level