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The G&G project partnership is strongly interested to widen the group of institutions, schools, VET centres experimenting and using the G&G tools and the methodology.


All the materials developed by the G&G project are thus made available for free and downlodable from this website. Those organization interested in using them can:


  • simply access and use the training pages available under the Gym menu, download the user guides for grandparents and grandsons from the Manuals and guides menu, and use them. We only ask you to quote the G&G project as the author and source of the didactic materials and to send us a description of the activity for which you used the tools and a feed back about the quality and usefulness of the lessons and guides (this modality can be of particular interest for all those who will find the materials already developed in their own mother  language  by the G&G project partners);


  • if you live in a country whose language is not covered by the G&G project’s partnership, ask to join the G&G project "extended partnership". The candidature, if approved by the G&G initiative project partners, should imply the interest and commitment by the new partner to translate in its local language the web pages of the G&G website, the materials developed for the Gym’s training units, the grandparents and grandsons manuals. The "extended" partner will take advantage of a support by the G&G projects experience, receiving instructions about how to organize G&G activities, the authorization to use the official freebies set developed, hints and support for the promotional activites necessary to launch and organize G&G activities in their own country, access to the on-line community archives and forums.


If you are interest to the extended partnership please contact the project manager:  g.collinassi@enaip.fvg.it