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VZW KSO Waregem-Avelgem-Anzegem Entiteit CVO Sint-Paulus

Toekomststraat 75
Postal code 8790 Waregem


Contact person: Christophe LOMBAERT

Function: Director

Telephone: (+32) 56 626 999
Fax: (+32) 56 602 245
Email: cvo@vtiwaregem.be
Website: www.cvowaregem.be


CVO (Centrum voor Volwassenenonderwijs) Sint-Paulus, the Adult Learning Centre Saint-Paul Waregem, is an autonomous organisation for adult learning. It is embedded in one campus with VTI (Secondary Technical college) and VIBSO (Secondary Technical College for pupils with learning needs).

CVO provides training for learners and employs 70 staff. The target audience includes young adults, adults, senior citizens, non-native inhabitants, people with mild mental retardation, etc...