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2011 Leonardo da Vinci - TOI 


[G&G UP]

Grandparents & Grandchildren UPDATE



The G&G UP initiative is a trial to merge: enthusiasm with experience, movement with rest, youth with wisdom, and innovation with aging. Future and past helping each other to use technology to foster citizenship, personal growth and mutual understanding and transforming information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom for a better life in modern times, fostering digital citizenship and intergenerational relationships. 

Access and use of ICTs would contribute toward active ageing and advancing health into old age by helping older people to: overcome isolation and loneliness, keep in contact with family and friends by social networks, access and use information services.

For this reason, digital literacy is considered nowadays one of the essential skills to allow citizens to effectively and fully exercise citizenship in the modern society. Elderly people have been not exposed to new technologies at school nor in their working years: they are in a condition of “digital illiteracy” restraining them from a full access to the new services -and potential quality of life benefits related - offered by the ICTs.


The contents, tools and method realised within the previous “G&G” initiative have been significantly effective in: fostering digital literacy improvement and active citizenship between the elderly population; promoting the encounter between generations; addressing local culture issues; providing students an opportunity to serve as teachers for adults.


The specific G&G UP objectives are:

  • to transfer, on the Italian, Romanian and Latvian contexts, a training Model able to encourage inter-generational dialogue, involving Secondary schools, VET Centres and University students in the role of volunteer “digital educators” of adults aged between 55-74 y.o.;
  • to train teachers/trainers/tutors and social operators working within Secondary schools, VET Centres, Universities and NGOs, so as to make them becoming “facilitators” of the inter-generational dialogue process;
  • to localise the G&G Model in new EU countries (RO, LV), by translating all didactic materials and tools in their national languages, so as to foster its adoption in new local G&G initiatives;
  • to UPdate and integrate the G&G model with new contents, so as to enhance and widen the digital literacy of adults aged between 55-74 y.o.

The partnership involves 4 countries (IT, DE, RO, LV) represented by seven members with different institutional missions and cultures: Universities, local and National Institutional Administrations, Research Centres, NGOs, all holding great and relevant experience in the implementation of Transnational Cooperation interventions. The G&G UPdate promoter is ENAIP FVG, a private non-profit organization, part of the National ENAIP federation, which applies in VET activities for young and adults students innovative pedagogic methods to allow people express their full potential, in life and at work. ENAIP FVG has designed and managed the e-learning project “G&G Grandparents and Grandchildren”  that has been awarded the LLP 2010 Award as best project for "ICT for social Inclusion" and the following Grundtvig “G&G Enhancement project” which transferred the initiative to new countries.


  • ENAIP FVG (Italy) - project coordinator
  • ZAWiW - Zentrum für Allgemeine Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildungder Universität Ulm (Germany)
  • Ce.Ri.S. Centro Ricerche Sociali Soc. Coop. (Italy)
  • MOISELLE LE BLANC Societa' cooperativa   (Italy)
  • Comune di Morgongiori (Italy)
  • Valsts Izglitibas Satura Centrs (Latvia)
  • Asociatia “Observator pentru Dezvoltarea Invatarii Permanente” (Romania)



  • Opening of G&G net to new countries and Italian regions: Basilicata, Lazio, Sardinia, Romania and Latvia.
  • G&G website’s content update: renewal of the Gym’s training units (english versions) and translation of them into the languages of the project partners [Italian, German, Latvian and Rumanian].
  • Development of two new “upper” training units about word processing and social networking.
  • Development of a Handbook for G&G facilitators who prepare and assist pedagogically grandchildren.
  • Updating of grandparents and grandchildren manuals.