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Comune di Morgongiori

Via Rinascita, 6
09090, Morgongiori (OR)



Contact person: Renzo Ibba

Function: Mayor

Telephone: +39 0783932112
Email: sindaco@comune.morgongiori.or.it
Website: www.comune.morgongiori.or.it



Morgongiori  is a municipality in the Province of Oristano, located about 70 km northwest of Cagliari and about 25 km southeast of Oristano on the southern slopes of Monte Arci. Population is about 1000 residents.
The name "Morgongiori", refers, in its etymology, to the cliffs that surround it, including the beautiful natural sculpture (Testa del guerriero), shaped by the time and the natural agents of the "Conca Mraxi".
Morgongiori is characterized by an agricultural economy with production of wheat and other cereals, olives and wine grapes. Morgongiori is also known and appreciated for making beautiful carpets and fine fabrics warps made by hand by the women of Morgongiori with ancient horizontal looms. The City of Morgongiori (OR) has a municipal library and a laboratory for the environmental education for the schools.
In the municipal territory you can find also the Regional Park of Monte Arci.