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G&G UP-Dissemination conference in Morgongiori

On the 4th of June 2013 in the City of Morgongiori (OR) in Sardinia was held the Dissemination conference of the project G & G UPDATE.
It was attended by EnAIP FVG and Moiselle Le Blanc as partners, Mr. Renzo Ibba, Mayor and Mrs. Enedina Posulo employee of the Municipality of Morgongiori.
The event started with the speech of the Mayor, who described the success of the initiative and thanked all the partners of the project and also the grandparents, the grandchildren and the tutors who were involved in the training.
After a brief speech by Philippe Chiabai from ENAIP FVG and Vincenzo Leone from Moiselle Le Blanc who congratulated the Municipality on the commitment and the organization of the initiative, some grandparents and grandchildren took the floor to describe their experience and their feedbacks were very positive. The training enabled them to learn computer skills using social networks such as Facebook and Skype, but most of all to develop and strengthen the intergenerational dialogue between the young and the elderly.
At the end of the afternoon the Mayor and the partners delivered the certificates of attendance and the gadgets to the grandparents, grandchildren and tutors involved in the learning experience and then it started the sociable moment.


























Location: Morgongiori (Oristano) - Sardegna- Italy
Begin: 07/06/2013
End: 07/06/2013