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G&G Update dissemination seminar in Riga, Latvia

On June 10, 2013 dissemination seminar of “G&G Update” project was held in Riga, Latvia. The agenda included presentation of the project and its results in Latvia by Latvian coordinator Aina Špaca. All together there were 20 participants, out of them 11 were project teachers and students, while the rest were invited from other Latvia’s schools to learn about the project idea and positive experience.
It was followed by the best practice example from Gulbene district, where G&G was brought to several schools by tutors Aiga Vagule and Elita Bir×e. After that participants had a possibility to express their creativity, share their experience within G&G, when they were asked to prepare a particular task in groups and to present it to the rest of participants. Four tasks included – writing the most successful „cake recipe” for implementation of G&G in the school, preparing a role-play about G&G trainings, composing a Latvian national folksong about the project and making an artwork, which would reflect other activities that grandparents and grandchildren could do in school together.
The participants were delighted to hear the message from project management group of ENAIP fvg, when a Skype video call was made online. To keep teachers updated about trends and innovations in the world of technologies, IT blogger and technology expert Kristaps Skutelis was invited to give a presentation “Always online”.
The overall atmosphere in the seminar was positive and vibrant. Teachers used every chance to share their own practical experience, motivating each other and those schools, which are planning to get involved in the project.
The event came to the end when teachers received certificates and project freebies. The emotions were shared and future plans for G&G in Latvia made, while participants enjoyed the G&G cake, which was presented by VISC project team.











Some new freebies realized in Latvia and provided at the end of the G&G UP seminars.




Location: Riga - Latvia
Begin: 11/06/2013
End: 11/06/2013