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G&G UPDATE Dissemination event Bucharest

On 13 September 2013, ODIP organized the final dissemination event dedicated to its local partners that were active during the implementation of the project, but also to other professionals interested in the topic.
It was a very fruitful meeting dealing with reviewing the activities, summarizing the results, sharing experiences and in some cases drawing future plans concerning the methodology proposed within the framework of G&G. The overall feedback from the people involved was very positive, even enthusiastic. They also reflected upon the way some would want to embed elements proposed by the initiative in their activities with the children and seniors.
Working in small groups, we have tried to grasp some important aspects and gathered impressions concerning the process of working students of different ages and discussed the positive results. It was also an opportunity to give diplomas and to distribute the promotional materials dedicated to grandchildren and grandparents.
At least two participants were sure they would continue with the initiative in the next weeks, while most of the other participants expressed their interest in following suite. Before committing to a new round of G&G seminars most participants indicated they wanted to do an analysis of the context and resources brought by the school year.






Location: Bucharest, Romania
Begin: 13/09/2013
End: 13/09/2013