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Consensus seminar in Riga

On Friday, April 13th the „G&G Updateinformative seminar took place in Riga State Gymnasium No.3 (Riga, Latvia) with participation of project partners Ralph Schneider (ZaWiW, Germany), Aina Spaca, Baiba Berzina (VISC,Latvia) and representatives of 26 education institutions.
In the first part of the seminar the representatives of school management board, teachers, social workers were introduced to project idea, aims and stages, as well as project implementation steps in Germany. The second part was more interactive – with having a practical look on the G&G website and tools offered and carrying out a Question&Answer session aimed to clarify to the potential participants the possibilities of implementing the project in their schools.
The seminar has attracted the attention of one of Latvian national TV channels (LTV7) having come to the first part of seminar to interview project partners and participants and film the material for a news spot on daily evening news.
Organizers received positive feedback at the end of seminar – almost all participants found the project idea interesting and exciting and many expressed interest to join G&G project in Latvia.








Location: Riga - Latvia
Begin: 13/04/2012
End: 13/04/2012