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Italy - Second consensus seminar in Lazio

On Monday, May 28, 2012, from 10.00am to 12.00am, the second consensus seminar of G&G Project has been realized in Lazio region. The seminar was held at the Secondary School "Ada Negri" in Rome and the participants were: Antonio Del Re, Rose Montesano, Maria Antonelli Ronsini, Alexandro Borgia, Sinibaldi Annarita. The Project Staff was composed by Massimo Lazzaretti (Moiselle Le Blanc), Vincenzo Leone and Maurizio Semplice (CERIS).
During the seminar Project Staff explained G&G Project, its characteristic of intervention and activities that will address to the teachers and students who will be involved in the laboratories.
We analyzed the content of training, logistics and a timetable for implementation. The feedback was positive and the teachers attending the seminar declared that they were interested in the transfer of innovation and characteristics of intergenerational involvement between grandchildren and grandparents. Furthermore project staff presented project website and the "gym" for exercises. During the seminar project brochure has been distributed.







Location: Secondary School
Begin: 28/05/2012
End: 28/05/2012