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G&G consensus seminar in Bucharest

On Monday, the 25th of June 2012, ODIP together with support from ZAWiW, organized the consensus seminar within the framework of the „G&G UPdate” Project.
At the seminar were present representatives of the both organisations above mentioned, together with researchers from the Institute of Education Sciences, pre-university institutions (school and high schools) and NGO’s segment. The participants were introduced to the project on aspects related to rationale, previous experiences, objectives followed by the G&G methodology and website. The participants showed interest in the event itself and in the project’s idea as the small working groups session showed (the participants were asked what are in their opinion the very positive aspects of the initiative, the possible obstacles, target groups availability, etc).
The evaluation based on online questionnaires is still ongoing. Verbal feedback we could reach was enthusiastic.






Location: Bucharest - Romania
Begin: 25/06/2012
End: 25/06/2012