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G&G UP - Task force training for Romania

ODIP with support from ZAWiW, organized the task force training dedicated to tutors in Romania, within the framework of the „G&G UPdate” Project. The participants invited to attend the training were representatives of different educational institutions (schools and high schools) and an NGO. Some of them already attended the consensus seminar held in Bucharest last June, other joined the initiative from that point on and based on their non-formally stated interest in making it happen in their own local context. We were glad to see how the interest of being part of the initiative grew among some of the participants that promoted the initiative (or intend to do so) to their colleagues in similar institutions (we are mainly referring to schools and high schools).
During the training, technical aspects concerning the overall project were introduced to them, the G&G model and aspects related to didactics and contents. The participants were also introduced to the tutors’ handbook (also the one for grandchildren and for grandparents) – and also asked to give feedback on it during the next month; they were also made aware about the contents available to them on the website in order to support the transfer of the initiative at local level.
Also more practical activities were proposed to them in these two days: working on smaller groups on aspects concerning their target groups (context, needs, approach, benefits etc.) and passing through the G&G Internet Gym exercises available on the project’s website and give feedback about its usability and usefulness.
Together we have discussed further steps to be taken: the need to set some dates for the tutors’ labs in their institutions together with ODIP’s participation as representatives of the G&G initiative; to decide on the number of grandchildren to be included in the local target groups and the period in which they think more suitable to implement these labs (the period varies according to the school calendar and the students’ involvement in different other school related activities).







Location: Bucharest
Begin: 10/01/2013
End: 11/01/2013