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First school to launch G&G in Latvia

Berzaune primary school was the first school to start G&G training course in Latvia. On 15th of February Dace Salina- G&G tutor and the teacher of Berzaune school organized training seminar for 5 students (12 years and 16 years old) who were willing to become G&G teachers to local seniors. Students were introduced to G&G project, project resources (webpage, manuals) and sensitized about intergenerational communication and learning, seniors' ICT needs and different practical aspects of trainings.
Four G&G labs were held from February 18-21 during school`s project week bringing together youngsters and seniors not familiar with each other. The sixth grandparent joined the second lab after receiving good feedback from her friend about the first training lab.
The level of ICT knowledge among seniors differed but students managed to be flexible with their needs and abilities. During four G&G labs most of students and their teachers covered the following aspects: basic operations with computer, working with internet, using e-mail, Skype and Microsoft Office Word.
The overall atmosphere was friendly and active and some pairs even found common areas of interest. Grandparents were happy to participate and to learn and in the last session surprised their teachers with a delicious present. Grandchildren admitted that this project week positively differed from their usual experience and grandparents considered this to be an enjoyable experience and expressed wish to continue building their ICT knowledge.






Location: Riga - Latvia
Begin: 18/02/2013
End: 21/02/2013