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Seniors explore G&G in Secondary school in Latvia

In February of 2013 seniors in Karsava were invited to participate in “G&G Update” labs organized in Karsava Secondary school. G&G tutor Lilija Krivteza introduced the project idea and aims and for the first time welcomed grandparents and grandchildren on February 11.

12 grandchildren participated in project and for ten days became teachers for grandparents. Although grandparents’ knowledge and skills were not on the same level, grandchildren were able to differentiate tasks for each of them. Those grandparents, who already had some prior ICT knowledge, were shown how to make their family tree on Internet, assisted in searching for recipes and showed how to listen to music online.

Grandparents took a chance to evaluate their „teachers” as „understanding and patient”, „helpful and calm” and in general – very smart and nice children. Grandchildren were satisfied with their „students” saying that they are happy to teach something new to seniors and refresh their own ICT skills. Grandchildren promised to help grandparents outside labs.





Location: Karsava Secondary school - Latvia
Begin: 11/02/2013
End: 11/02/2013