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 Finding friends on Facebook


If you want to add a person as a friend then type in his or her first and family name in the field on the very top “Search for people, places and things”. Confirm by the enter button on your keyboard.

A list of possible persons appears.
If the person you are looking for does not appear in the list then click on “See more results for...”.
If he/she still does not appear choose another search option, for example the email address which again should be typed in the field “Search for people, places and things”. Confirm by the enter button on your keyboard.
If the person you are looking for is in the list, click on his/her name. You will be forwarded then to the profile of this person.
In the profile of the person you were looking for is a button “Add friend”. Click on it if you want to send this person a friendship request. The button’s name changes in “Friend request sent”. He/she can accept or reject it.
If you receive a friendship request it will be marked with a red rectangle on the according blue button on the right of the Facebook logo.
Click on the red number and the request will appear. You either may accept it by “Confirm” or you may postpone this decision by clicking on “Not now”.
In connection with the search for friends you may receive further proposals for new friendship request. The proposals are related to the friends you are connected with.
Your friends may be arranged in lists like “close friends” or by self-defined lists to get a better overview but as well for future status messages to the whole group.
Click on “Friends” in your navigation bar on the left.
The next site gives you an overview of default lists like “close friends”, “family” etc. On the top on the right there is a button “+ Create list”. Click on it. Type in the field “list name” a name. This could be for example the name of an association, a hobby group or “former colleagues” etc. The field “Who would you like to add to this list?” does not have to be filled in. If you want to create the list click on “Create” otherwise on “Cancel”. The new list’s name will appear then in the navigation bar on the left.
The next step is to add friends to the list. Just click on the list’s name in the navigation. In the centre of the site will appear “Add friends to this list …”. If you click on “Add friends” a new window will appear. It contains pictures and names of your friends. Click on all of them who shall be member of this list. Finally click on “Finish”.






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