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 Open - Create a WRITER file


To open a new WRITER file, click on the start button and:

  • if the program icon appears in the start menu, like in the picture below, directly click on it
  • if the program icon is not there, click on: all programs ⇒ OpenOffice.org ⇒ OpenOffice.org Writer




To create a new WRITER file: right click on desktop ⇒ new ⇒ OpenDocument Text


The default name (new opendocument text.odt) that is provided automatically by the program is highlighted, and you can change it easily, just typing in a new name while the cursor blinks at the end of the the highlighted default name. Make sure to write “.odt” at the end of the name, this is the so called file extension. File extensions tell your computer which is the program to open the file. In this case it is the program WRITER.


Then, to open the file, double click on the icon.




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