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Before printing you have to see and manage the main setting to formatting a page.

Click on menu Format ⇒ Page and a dialogue box as in the picture below will open.



Now, to print a file you must first visualize an overview of your page.


Choose the menu File ⇒ Page preview, or press the corresponding button in the standard toolbar


With the preview you can check the correctness of margins, alignments, etc... and this control allows you to print only when the settings are correct, so you can save paper and ink!


In the picture below you can see the “Page preview” of this page



After having controled the preview press button “Close preview” to return to the file.


If everything is correct, choose menu File ⇒ Print
A dialogue box with default settings appears


These are the main settings to control before the “print” button is pressed.


To print directly, without going through the dialogue box, and after page preview control, press the corresponding button on the standard toolbar. 



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